Andrea Vocaturo Guitar Teacher in Brisbane QLD

Andrea Vocaturo Guitar Teacher in Brisbane QLD

My musical journey

I simply couldn't imagine my life without music and the guitar! After 20 years of playing and learning, I am still super excited about discovering new things and improving my abilities as a musician, teacher, and writer. Music has given me the opportunity to study, perform, and work in three different continents and sail the world on board of cruise ships. Since I wasn't born in a musical family, things got started when I heard the music of The Doors, Queen, Nirvana, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and Green Day in my early teens. I got intrigued by the vocals and lyrics, the musicians' charisma and rebellious lives, and particularly the powerful sounds of the guitar.

At the same time, I befriended an aspiring classical guitarist, who introduced me to the music of Bach, Barrios, Weiss, Beethoven, Tarrega, Scarlatti, and many others as well as flamenco and classical guitarists such as Paco de Lucia, Sabicas, David Russell, and John Williams.  He showed me the other world of the guitar,  one made of delicate textures, complex harmonies, symphonic passages, and lyricism.

Music remained a big passion of mine but it could only be a part-time hobby due to other study and work commitments in my life. At the age of 23, my family relocated to Australia and I decided to pursue my dream of studying music and becoming a musician. My academic life started at the Conservatorium of Brisbane, where I completed my Bachelor of Music. At 'The Con', I honed my skills as a jazz player and had the opportunity to play in various ensembles and big bands. During those years, I started playing professionally, accompanying singers and playing in corporate and wedding bands as well as teaching guitar.

The second musical chapter of my life took place in New York, where I studied a Masters of Jazz Performance at the Aaron Copland School of Music. New York really tested my commitment to music and my abilities as a guitarist due to the fierce competitive nature of its music scene. New York taught me that if I love playing music I have to be ready to face the snow and freezing temperatures for a meal and few dollars tip! I had the opportunity to play regular gigs with an original pop/rock band led by Brisbane's iconic musician Tyrone Noonan, who was based in NYC at that time as well. I studied improvisation and composition with some amazing educators and played jazz gigs and sessions whenever possible. 

After New York, I decided to spend one year at sea performing music with a quartet, which was formed in Australia. On the ships, we had the opportunity to perform all kinds of music and entertain big crowds for 4 hours each night.  During the day, we got to explore some incredible locations in the Caribbean, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and France.

In 2013, I decided to relocate to Brisbane once again to focus on teaching and to further my musical studies. After a few years of teaching at other establishments, I decided to start my own business in 2017 as it gives me the freedom to tailor guitar and music lessons to each student in a more personalized and effective way.

Teaching Experience

Over the past 13 years, I have taught at many music establishments in Brisbane, such as Masson Music, Inna Kogan Music School, and The Guitar Gym, as well as being involved in music programs at Ambrose Treacy College, Marist College, and QLD Conservatorium as guitar tutor and music educator. I'm currently teaching the Young Conservatorium program at Griffith University as well as running my own teaching business. Working  with hundreds of guitarists from all age groups and playing abilities has given me the opportunity to develop a well-rounded approach to guide students towards the accomplishment of their musical goals and aspirations. If you are interested in my teaching method, please read more about my teaching approach.


My Music

I recently completed a professional doctorate in composition at Griffith University which culminated in the writing and recording of an original album entitled Vikara. In 2015/16, I was also part of an original rock project called Dusk Blooms, which released its debut album entitled Paper Rose in March 2017. Here's a selection of music from both those albums as well as some Youtube videos featuring my playing and compositions with other ensembles.