Blues Guitar Lessons Brisbane

For many guitar players the blues is the doorway to new and exciting techniques, improvisation, expressiveness, feel and groove, and an opportunity to start jamming with other musicians. Learning the 12 bar blues will build a solid foundation in relation to song structure, chord progressions, harmony, and phrasing. In addition, the blues vocabulary has influenced virtually every style of popular music of the last century, from Pop, Rock, and Jazz, to Soul, Funk, Hard Rock and Metal, so it is one of the most important styles to assimilate if you are interested in developing your guitar playing and overall musicianship. 

Beginner Blues Guitar Lessons

If you're just beginning to play and are interested in learning the blues on either the electric or acoustic guitar, Blues Guitar Lessons will give you a great introduction to some of the techniques, stylistic elements, and musical vocabulary that will set you on the right path towards the accomplishment of your musical goals. Usually, students that have a specific interest in the blues have already Specifically, we will cover the following areas:

  • 12 bar blues progression
  • introduction to dominant seventh chords, their function and structure;
  • building rhythm guitar parts and riffs;
  • shuffle;
  • pentatonic, blues scales, and improvisation;
  • creating your own licks and phrases;
  • the inner workings of scales and strategies for memorizing their layout in different areas of the fretboard;
  • vibrato technique;
  • bending technique;
  • assimilating the stylistic elements of guitarists of your choice (Jimi Hendrix, EricClapton, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and many more).

Intermediate and Advanced Blues Guitar Lessons

If you already have a good grasp on the techniques, rhythms, chord progressions, and melodic devices used in the blues style,  this format will offer you insights into developing your own unique voice as a blues player. Stronger emphasis will be given to alternative ways to play the 12 bar blues, both melodically and harmonically. You will be shown strategies and concepts to expand your improvisational abilities and harmonic knowledge, as explained in this article on guide tones. Moreover, we will focus on analyzing the stylistic trademarks of the players you love and incorporate those elements into your playing. Areas of tuition will include:

  • 'spicing up' the blues progression with passing chords and substitutions;
  • learn sophisticated chord voicings;
  • walking bass lines and chords;
  • creating melodic lines through the use of modes and arpeggios;
  • altered and diminished scales;
  • thematic improvisation;
  • refining the vocal quality of your guitar tone through vibrato and bending techniques;
  • learning your favourite guitar solos through a systematic method;
  • studying the blues language of modern and contemporary players such as Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer, Derek Trucks, and many others.


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'The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you'

- B.B. King