Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Guitar lessons are specifically tailored to meet your personal goals, stylistic preferences, and playing abilities. Study your favourite songs and master the techniques of the artists and guitarists you admire.  Learn to play diverse musical styles such as Pop, Rock, Blues, Contemporary, Acoustic, Fingerstyle, and Jazz  or delve into the art of songwriting and composition through the guidance of an experienced guitar teacher -  Andrea Vocaturo, professional guitarist with over a decade of teaching experience, Masters graduate in Performance, and Doctor in Composition. 

Lessons are accompanied by personalized quality material such as videos, tablature, sheet music, and chord diagrams, that will enhance your learning experience and increase the rate of your progress (check out my blog to see some of the material I can customize for your specific learning requirements). You will also have access to state of the art guitar tones, sound quality, and recording/mixing plug-ins, and notation software (AxeFx, Logic, Sibelius 7.5, Guitar Pro 6, and NeckDiagrams)

I teach from a home studio located in Spring Hill, just off Gregory Terrace. Street parking is available. I also offer Skype lessons for students who are further away from the city or with limited availability to travel during the week.

Pop, Rock, and Contemporary Guitar Lessons - Study and assimilate the styles and techniques of anything from classic songs to current top 40 hits. This lesson format is most suitable for students who are just starting out  or who are interested in taking their guitar playing to the next level.

Blues Guitar Lessons - Electric and acoustic blues guitar  techniques focusing on the 12- bar blues progression and improvisation. Develop your tone, feel, bending and vibrato technique, rhythm, and phrasing while internalizing common chord progression and song structures. 

Jazz Guitar Lessons - This format is specifically tailored for intermediate to advanced players who are interested in expanding their knowledge of harmony, improvisational techniques, soloing concepts, and tackling other styles of music such as Fusion, Latin,  Swing,  and Bebop.

Songwriting and Composition - Learn the techniques and concepts to start creating your own original songs and compositions. By deepening your knowledge of music theory, diatonic harmony, chord progressions,  musical forms, and the interaction between music and lyrics, you will focus on the development of your unique style of writing music.

Study Guitar in Brisbane with Andrea Vocaturo

'The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires'

- William Ward