Pop, Rock, and Contemporary Guitar Lessons Brisbane

In this lesson format,  we will focus on learning a wide range of styles and techniques that are suitable for both the electric and acoustic guitar.  These musical styles include many of the artists and bands that inspire people to pick up the guitar. Whether you are interested in learning some classic songs by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson or you love contemporary artists such as Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Adele, Arcade Fire, Taylor Swift, you will find this format to be the perfect choice for you.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

As a beginning player, I will guide you through the initial stages of building a proficient and relaxed guitar technique. This phase of learning the guitar is the most crucial as you are developing different motor skills and training your hands and body to perform new actions and tasks.  In order to avoid confusion and frustration, the guidance of an experienced guitar teacher will offer you clear instructions and effective strategies that will allow you to progress at a much faster rate and to soon enjoy the excitement of playing your favourite songs and riffs. Moreover, we will work on building a positive attitude towards learning and practising. Please read through my article that discusses four of the most important qualities to keep in mind if you're just starting out. Some of the musical areas of study for beginning players are the following:

  • how to play the guitar in a comfortable and relaxed position;
  • how to practice effectively and with the right mindset;
  • left hand and right hand technique and range of motion;
  • basic chord shapes;
  • strumming technique and patterns;
  • easy fingerpicking patterns;
  • exercises to build strength and dexterity in both hands' fingers;
  • how to read tablature and sheet music (the latter is not necessary);
  • how to tune your guitar;
  • how to restring your instrument without paying your local store a lot of money!

Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Lessons

Many guitar players reach a point where their ability to learn on their own simply wears out and cannot figure out what to do next in order to take their playing to a higher level. It is a very common stage in our musical development and during the process of becoming a really competent player. Usually, these are the signs that you are ready to: 1) deepen your understanding of the guitar and music in general; 2) get challenged by more sophisticated material, styles, and songs; and 3) learn to express your own musicality through improvisation. In this lesson format, we will cover more advanced guitar techniques, learn improvisational strategies, and tackle powerful harmonic concepts. More specifically, ares of tuition will include:

  • knowledge of the guitar's fretboard;
  • inversions of triads and chords;
  • scales and arpeggios;
  • advanced flatpicking and fingerpicking techniques and exercises;
  • bending and vibrato;
  • playing vocal melodies on the guitar;
  • improvising and jamming with other musicians;
  • chord construction and chord progressions;
  • how to arrange a song for solo guitar;
  • how to build an effective practice schedule that targets the multiple areas you are working on.

Here's a snippet of a bunch of different songs and styles that highlight some of the techniques we will be covering in your lessons!


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