Jazz Guitar Lessons Brisbane

This lesson format is specifically designed for intermediate students that are interested in expanding their abilities as guitarists, improvisors, composers, and boost their overall musicianship. The main areas of study focus on the following categories of expertise: improvisation, harmony, ear-training, arranging/composition, and style and repertoire.


A more in-depth study of improvisational techniques and styles will allow you to develop a much wider arsenal of melodic and rhythmic devices to draw from and that are applicable to a variety of musical settings, contexts, and genres. Starting from how to use guide tones effectively in your playing to tackling more advanced applications of modes, pentatonic scale, melodic minor scale, and diminished scales, these techniques will give you new ideas on how to craft unique guitar solos and spice up your playing.


Firstly, the study of harmony will provide you with an exhaustive comprehension of chords construction, inversions, extensions, alterations and substitutions.  You will gain access to creative methods that will increase your ability to craft unique chord configurations and modern harmonic structures. Secondly, the analysis of songs and musical pieces will give you a deeper understanding of chord progressions and functional/non-functional harmonic devices that can be effectively used in the creation of your original music.


A crucial part of this lesson format is the development of your ability to recognize the sound of a melody, a musical interval, a rhythmic figure, or a chord progression by ear. You will be shown exercises and practice routines that will strengthen your aural awareness and improve your musicianship. You will also learn how to develop your ability to transcribe music by ear, which is an extremely powerful tool you can use to work out your favourite songs, licks, and guitar solos. 

Arranging and Composition

This feature of the Jazz Guitar Lessons format aims to enhance your expertise as an arranger and composer. Particular attention is given to chord-melody style on the guitar, which is the ability to play songs in a solo setting. This style of playing will strengthen your ability to use the guitar as an arranging tool to deliver personalized and interesting renditions of your favourite songs or original pieces. Moreover, we will work on several arranging and composition techniques that will provide you with valuable and effective strategies to develop your own voice as a song-writer, composer, and arranger.

Style and Repertoire

For those guitarists who are particularly interested in studying the aesthetics of Jazz Guitar, we will focus on assimilating the techniques and styles of influential artists such as Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Django Reinhardt, Pat Metheny, George Benson, and many more. We will also study the aesthetics of jazz-related musical domains, such as Latin, Brazilian, Fusion, and many more. In addition, you will be able to expand your knowledge of the jazz repertoire by learning songs written by influential composers and musicians. By building your jazz repertoire, you will have plenty of opportunity to hone your ability as an improviser, accompanist, and writer.

Jazz Guitar Lessons Brisbane

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